About Me

Hi, my name is Erik aka Mr. Good Things aka Mr. GT. I'm a husband, father and (I hope) good guy.  I've started this blog to have a venue to share some of the things going on in my life.  Perhaps this could be valuable to my daughter some day, perhaps it could be valuable to someone else.  Either way, I'm writing and posting here because it seems such a waste to have things to say, things to share, photos, stories, lessons, and not put them in a format where others can enjoy them, I hope.

Why the title "Good Things"?  After having blogged on and off over the last few years, it seems that the things I like to post are usually "Good Things".  Good Photos.  Good Food.  Good cooking tips.  Good things happening in the family.  I'm not the kind of guy who likes to dwell on the bad things in this world.  Sure enough, they happen all the time.  But I do believe that by choosing to focus on the good things, even in the midst of the bad, I keep myself more positive and upbeat about life.  For almost everyone, being happy or not is really a personal choice, one you have to make every day.  I've lived my life in anger and frustration before, it was not a good time.  For me, I choose to be happy.

My main focus here will likely be cooking, especially baking, because it's something I love to do.  The best part of baking (or cooking, and yes, there is a difference) for me is when I get to make something for someone else, and to see their reaction when they really enjoy it.  Mrs. GT is my key recipe tester and is assisted by little GT.  They are the main recipients/beneficiaries of my triumphs and tragedies in the kitchen.  With that in mind, I am also making an effort to improve the eating habits of the GT household.  

My goal is to gradually add more and more Good Food into our regular diets.  So what do I mean by Good Food?  In short, Good Food is food that is fresh and freshly made, with as little processing (chemicals and preservatives) as possible.  Being the typical busy American family, and having grown up in a generation where 'easy' began to take over in the kitchen, we have found ourselves far to reliant upon companies that use all manner of chemicals and preservatives in order to ship pre-packaged, pre-prepared meals to the local grocery store.  Learning to set some time aside for these goals will be difficult, but it can only have a positive benefit.   I'm hoping that, with time, we can come to a place where a pre-packaged meal is a rare occurance, rather than a regular staple.

In addition to baking, I have a love for photography that started when I was about 10 years old.  My grandfather put his Pentax ME in my hands to take some photos of the family.  I loved it so much that today I almost always find myself with a camera close at hand.  Learning photography in Jr. and Sr. High helped improve my skills, which I honed even more by spending some time as a part-time wedding and portrait photographer along with my assistant and coordinator, Mrs. GT.  My real passion with photography though is really to document what's going on in our lives - watching our daughter grow up, recording the places we visit and the events we share as well as the food I create.  I also love documenting the beauty that is the planet we live on, with a focus on the Northwest, particularly Oregon, of which I am a native.

So I hope you'll enjoy what you see here.  I've given myself the right to not feel pressured to get a post out every day or even every week.  At least for now, I will post when time allows and when I have something important to pass along.  Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to share your comments about the Good Things in your life.