Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Things: Pretty Things

Spring is certainly taking its time arriving in our neck of the woods.  Thankfully we have been given a few glimpses at the sun in the last few weeks.  Here's a peak at some pretty things I've captured.  Enjoy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Food: Why is the Rum Always Gone??? or, Captain Jack’s Cake

A short while back I posted a photo of a partially consumed bottle of vanilla rum.  It might be one’s first assumption that the conspicuously missing milliliters were consumed by someone such as yours truly.  I think a better idea is that a wayward pirate happened to wander into my home and helped himself to my stash.  Obviously, I interrupted his escapade, which explains why the bottle isn’t completely empty.

Actually, I keep rum around for one reason and one reason only – baking.  While I’m not quite a tee-totaler when it comes to drinking, I really don’t imbibe much.  And when I do, it’s usually just a nice dark beer or glass of wine.  That being said, ‘spirits’, such as rum can lend a mighty fine flavor to any number of goodies, as well as providing the important feature of preserving said items.

I actually made this cake a few weeks back, but catching up now on posts, it seemed that timing this post with the release of the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series just seemed apropos.  I mean, when you’re talking a dessert where one of the star ingredients is rum, you’ve got to think Captain Jack.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Ingredients - Vanilla Rum

I don't often bake with Rum, but when I do, I prefer Cruzan....keep baking my friends.

Stay tuned for the yummy recipe, coming soon.